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Dr Dewey Decimal in the House of Vaudeville

Buxton Festival Fringe July 2003

What are those numbers on the spines of books in the county library? Yes! They’re Melvil Dewey’s decimal book catalogue system. And –wow!- here is Melvil himself in   crimson dressing gown, desert boots and elongated stove pipe hat partnered by a real librarian with a guitar to sing a cerebral song about his incomparable system followed by songs revealing the secret vocabulary of librarians, a list of famous librarians and the delights of libraries in somewhere called Essex..

  Could all this make libraries fashionable? I doubt it. Nor could the clever songs about Germaine Greer, Picasso being a cockney and Bill Bedford the handyman “who arrives with a spanner when you’ve fused the lights” which didn’t seem to have much at all to do with libraries. But entertaining and funny it most certainly is. Original witty material and songs performed with finely judged pace and – a bonus- some extra but unplanned gremlins in the sound system.

  A delightful performance from Project Adorno pausing in Buxton on their way up to Edinburgh. One more opportunity to catch them here on 13 July at 9.00pm at the Old Club House.

  A must for anyone who likes, or hates, librarians.

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