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Project Adorno have produced the following CDs: Please send us an email if you would like to order any items.

Dancing Round the Dining Room
(Openhaus Communications 2017) £7 including P&P

1. Space song 2. Coal Hole Cover Lover 3. Art of Love & Death 4. Courthope Villas 5. Last Great Innings of the Summer 6. Rock Literate 7.Renť 8. Llanrothal Dead Stole my Memory Card 9. Sheltered Accommodation 10. Kiddoez & Squain 11. Amateur Art Buff   12. Foothills of the '90s 13. Chaplin Park Memoirs 14. Chip Chap Club 15. Whatever Happened to the Jetpack? 16. Vauxhall Vox Pops

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Shine Bright On Thursdays
(Openhaus Communications 2012) £5 including p&p

25 tracks including live favourites BASIC, National Trust, Zubenelgenubi, Office Politics and many more...

Full tracklisting:
1. Zubenelgenubi ,2. Date-Stamping Song , 3. Walk Me to the End of the Pier (Pts 1 & 2) , 4. Amersham Summer Holiday , 5. Office Politics in C , 6. Living in the Shadow of Gog & Magog , 7. Never Get to Heaven on the Northern Line , 8. Library Booksales , 9. Bread & milk & Newspapers , 10. Darts werenít the Same when Den Hegarty Left , 11. Mr Paxman , 12. Famous Diplodocus , 13. London Street Cafť , 14. To the Manor House Born , 15. Who Else Writes Like , 16. Not in the Team , 17. Highway M25 , 18. Father Thamesís Tarty Aunts , 19. Like Fassbinder , 20. Menu of Meaningless Choices , 21. Dance of the Superstore Shoppers , 22. When London Shone , 23. Song in BASIC , 24. National Trust , 25. Iím the M25

Underground Overdue

Underground Overdue 
[Openhaus Communications 2006] £5

27 tracks including songs from "Project Adorno's A-Z of the London Underground" show, a few more poems about libraries and a definite hint of "chanson" creeping in to some of the numbers. Tracks include: Cabaret Tonight, Pablo, Song for Germaine, Dollis Hill & Upney Sidings.

Full Tracklisting:  
1.Cabaret Tonight , 2. Bill Bedford , 3. Pablo , 4.Ballad of JG Ballard , 5.I wanna be a Chief Librarian , 6. Song for Germaine , 7.Colindale Copper , 8.Tom Ďní Huck in Dollis Hill , 9.Goodge Street Shuffle , 10.Kennington Forever , 11.Central Line , 12.Little PC , 13.Five Libraries , 14.We Never Made it to Paris , 15.The Secret Diary of Neil Tennant , 16.Woody , 17.Cockney Capers , 18.Romania & Chad , 19.Russell Square , 20.The Ballad of Brian Johnston , 21.Upney Sidings , 22.Sunny Vauxhall , 23.Ode to Sutton , 24.No More If s & Buts , 25.Blondie (A Western Spectacular) , 26.Kirstyís Library World , 27.
Oh Librarian

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Tales of Tiny Wormholes

Tales of Tiny Wormholes 
[Beat Bedsit Records 2003] £5

20 songs and electro-beat poems of Project Adorno. Also known as their "sci-fi" album including as it does some songs from their Edinburgh hit show "Stop the Tardis". Tracks include: Underground, Tom Baker, Salvador Dali won't do the washing up, Stephen Hawking and Double act.

Full Tracklisting: 
1.Popular Culture propaganda Machine, 2. Weekends, 3.Underground, 4.Tom Baker, 5.Salvador Dali Wonít Do the Washing Up, 6.Stephen Hawking (Iím Outta Here), 7.Follow the Nerd, 8.Goggle-Eyes, 9.Snap Snap, 10.Letís Communicate, 11.Jelly Monsters, 12.Regular Kind of Timelord Guy, 13.Shiny Happy Library People, 14.Broadway Bros, 15.Timeless Musician, 16.Master Plan, 17.Double Act, 18.Jeremy, 19.Celebration, 20.Davros XFM (excerpt)

Cheap Sweets & Sequencers

Project Adorno: Cheap Sweets & Sequencers 
[ Beat Bedsit Records 2001] £5

16 track full-length CD. The first album "proper" from the Adorno boys. Tracks include: Letter to a line manager, Library!, Photocopier love affair, I'll turn my house into a field and Davros (leader of the Daleks).

Full Tracklisting:
1.Lucky Number Cruncher, 2.Great North Road, 3.Letter to a Line Manager, 4.Third Sister, 5.Library!, 6.Wiggenhall St Germans, 7.Lifelines, 8.Battery, 9.Photocopier Love Affair, 10.Iíll Turn My House into a Field, 11.Mentor with Intent, 12.Astromnemonic, 13.World Noise, 14.Mid Essex Health Authority, 15.Davros (Leader of the Daleks), 16.Cheap Sweets Sequence


Project Adorno: PA/CD

Project Adorno: PA/CD  
[Openhaus Communications 2000] £3

5 track EP capturing the spirit of Project Adorno as heard in London's off-beat live venues.  Tracklisting: 

1. Sex Pistols' Last Photo 
A paean to punk enfant terribles, the Sex Pistols, influenced by the book "England's Dreaming" by Jon Savage.
2. Mastertronic Mindgames
Namechecking all those old 8-bit computer game faves, it's the Spectrum vs Commodore debate all over again...
3. Natural Selection
A river in a sleepy town, with a morbid secret about to be uncovered....
4. The Other Ones
The tale of 2 original outsiders with dreams of making it as the "Morcambe & Wise of the pop world scene"!
5. Home
Books, black and white photographs, faded brown paper wrap - Never has memory, nostalgia and retrospect sounded so relevant.

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(From the Edinburgh Fringe Show "Dr Dewey Decimal in the house of Vaudeville")
Tom Baker
(From the Edinburgh Fringe Show "Stop the Tardis")
Song For Germaine
(From the Edinburgh Fringe Show "Dr Dewey Decimal in the house of Vaudeville")
Upney Sidings
(From the Edinburgh Fringe Show "Project Adorno's A-Z of the London Underground")
Dollis Hill
(From the Edinburgh Fringe Show "Project Adorno's A-Z of the London Underground")


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