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Dancing Round the Dining Room 2017

Project Adorno's latest CD is now on sale. Click here for details

16 track album featuring all new material. Tales of nostalgia and melancholy with the occasional Cockney knees-up. 
Songs include: Coal Hole Cover Lover, Space song, Chip Chap Club, Whatever Happened to the Jetpack and more...

Lyrics for "Dancing Round the Dining Room"

Previous CDs are also available for sale


Project Adorno's latest shows

Dennis Potter in the Present Tense (2016)

A contemporary interpretation of Dennis Potter, the man and his work, through an ambient segue of original songs, 
electronic music, original video footage and pre-recorded voice extracts from people who knew or had some connection 
to Potter and his work - charting his journey from miner's cottage in the Forest of Dean to international mass media 
acclaim - and ultimate redemption. More info here

Jarman in Pieces (2014)

A cubist portrayal of alternative gay film-maker, writer and artist, Derek Jarman, capturing his poetic 
visual imagery, love of super 8 film and enduring creative individualism. 
More info here including video extracts



Project Adorno on YouTube

There's a wealth of Project Adorno footage on YouTube featuring live performances and odd videos (official & unofficial). It's hard to keep track of it all 
sometimes, but if you're interested in seeing what we look and sound like here's a summary of some of our favourite clips:

Project Adorno at Dodo Modern Poets
We  always enjoy performing at this charming poetry evening hosted by Patric Cunnane at London's Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. 
See links to various sets we've performed there (videos courtesy of PR Murry):

2014 Set 1  2014 Set 2 2013 Set 1 2013 Set 2

Project Adorno perform their National Trust song (venue unspecified), 2012

We particularly like the accompanying comment:

I "I was the 25th person to view this video. I like it. I like some other things they do too. I saw them at Edinburgh fringe. There were four other people 
there with me. Well, when I say with me they were also in the room. I don't know if they enjoyed it as much as I did. I bought their CD. 
It cost me 5 after some haggling. On the CD there is a good song about Den Hegarty and Darts. That is all."

 Project Adorno closing the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre benefit gig October 2007


Project Adorno on Jeremy Paxman
And finally...Project Adorno's Mr Paxman song was recently given a video make-over by our good friend 
and all-round creative guy Nick Timotheou. View it here


Project Adorno's official YouTube channel


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