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Record Collector Magazine 2001

A stunning five-track exercise in electronic beat poetry, “PA/CD” is less a venture into an area bordered by Mark Astronaut and John Cooper-Clarke than those rapid-fire vers libre readings accompanied by jazz that were prevalent in bohemian circles in the early ‘60s. Have times changed so much that experimental works such as this have no place? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding no.

  Praveen Manghani’s ethereal keyboards combine a mannered revelling in mainstream pop with a constant free-flowing pace. There are also declamations by himself and Russell Thompson: the latter’s Rotten-alike nasal whine is entirely appropriate to “The Sex Pistols’ Last Photo” narrative, while Manghani’s more clipped diction suits “The Other Ones” – a transcendence beyond some ghastly family gathering.

Alan Clayson

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