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Chronology: Key moments in the history of Project Adorno

Tales From the Cutting Room Floor
Edinburgh Fringe/Buxton Fringe 2008

Enter the fleapit as electro-poets Project Adorno and soundmeister Steve Lake perform live to their latest videos. A prog-pop double-feature where Technicolor clashes with film noir. "Gorgeous"**** - Rock 'n' Reel.  
See Films page for more...

Latitude Festival 2008

Project Adorno's first appearance at big-loud-pop-music outdoors-type of festival. It all went surprisingly well.


The Verb 2008

Project Adorno appearance on radio 3 literary/poetry show hosted by Ian McMillan. Included performances of "Song for Germaine" & "Library". We also the Woman's Hour "cooker".


The London Years
Edinburgh Fringe 2007

London we love you, we hate you, we need you...or do we? Songs, poems & videos influenced by the Capital. From the suburbs to the city centre, Project Adorno take you on a personal journey investigating the myths, memories, melancholy & humour of London's quirkier corners.



Underground Overdue CD 2007

Project Adorno release long-awaited and much delayed "Underground/Overdue" CD. See In record for more info



Cheltenham Literature Festival 2006

Project Adorno join the literati for a live performance poetry set. Having been tipped off that Paddy Ashdown will also be appearing they can't resist doing a rendition of their "Limehouse Declaration" song documenting and celebrating the formation of the SDP. Every performance poet worth their salt has a poem about this momentous occasion, don't they? 

Songs 4 Screensavers
Buxton Fringe 2006

Project Adorno, prime purveyors of electronic chanson, swap their mics for mice and investigate the dignity of labour, Noughties-style. Think Krafwerk meets Kylie meets the Krankies - at a konference! Postmodern Post-It-note songs for the Powerpoint generation.

Electro-Pop Heroes
Edinburgh Fringe/Buxton Fringe 2005

Project Adorno present a compelling cross-section of their Greatest Hits. It's all here: Synth-based chanson, hi-NRG homages to Germaine Greer, & neo-Cockney singalongs on the theme of Cubist painting. Whilst tipping their hats to the electro-pop heroes of the 1980s, Project Adorno have one eye firmly set on the future. Especially if the future involves Doctor Who or libraries. Two men, an acoustic guitar, and an electronic wall of sound.


Project Adorno's A-Z of the London Underground
Edinburgh Fringe/Buxton Fringe 2004

The brief: to visit 26 stations on the London Underground from A-Z, in a weekend, in the process writing a song or poem inspired by each location, ultimately creating an alternative cultural guide to underground London…  

Read the full story here...


Dr Dewey Decimal in the House of Vaudeville
Edinburgh Fringe/ Buxton Fringe 2003

Otherwise known as Library: The musical. A two-man cabaret piece - songs and musical poems largely on the theme of libraries, with a twist of vaudeville thrown in. More here

Beat Bedist Tour 2003

Project Adorno in punk rock tour shock! Read tour diaries here

Tales of Tiny Wormholes CD 2003

Project Adorno release their 2nd full-length CD. See In record for more info

Basement Bedsit Tour 2002

Project Adorno "hit the road" for their first ever live tour round England. Read tour diaries here

Stop The Tardis
Edinburgh Fringe 2002

Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Dr Who inspired songs and poems. Read more here



Cheap Sweets & Sequencers CD 2001

Project Adorno release their first full-length CD. See In record for more info

Cheap Sweets & Sequencers
Multimedia Installation 2001

Weird and crazy things afoot at the Camden Roundhouse! A Project Adorno multimedia installation is just one of the exhibits on display at this most happening of happenings! See more on Films/Multimedia page 

PA/CD EP 2000

5 track EP capturing the spirit of Project Adorno as heard in London's off-beat live poetry & cabaret venues. 
See In Record for more info

Bonjour Strabourg & the Mylau Experience
Merton Arts Festival 1998

A hi-tech venture as Project Adorno linked up digitally with poets and artists from around the world for the 1998 Merton Arts Festival. This event also featured Praveen & Russell's first performance together as the new-look Project Adorno beat-poetry combo!

Performance Art & Southside Recordings 1997

Project Adorno in the studio - how the Performance Art EP was pieced together in a desperate attempt to create the perfect pop single! Read more here

Millennium Suite
Edinburgh Fringe 1996

Millennium Suite consists of  four TVs, a host of electronic music equipment, a computer, 1 guitar, three elegant banners, two rough-edged wanna-be pop stars and a synchroniser to manage it all. We've spent some 6 months concocting and re-concocting this gubbins and the time has finally come to unleash it onto an unsuspecting world!

Music for Theatre 1994-99

Project Adorno diary notes on composition of soundtracks for theatrical productions of Orestes, Tempest & Midsummer Night's Dream. Read more here

Under the bandstand 
Merton Arts Festivals 1994-96

Project Adorno's first live appearance. Read more here

Film, Video & Multimedia work 1993-96

Project Adorno's earliest work consisted largely of short films and multimedia work:
No Need To Worry (video 1993)
Fickle (super 8 film 1994)
Satie (Super 8 film 1995) 
Chunnel Vision (1995) 
Stockhausen (super 8 film, 1996) 
Some of these works are now available to view in digital format. See Film/Multimedia pages for more info


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