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The Early Years  
Dusting down the earliest recordings: featuring "Shallow Circles" (songs & paintings), "Society's World" recordings, the scam that was "December Days", and whatever happened to "Seeing Red, Feeling Blue", the aborted live album? Full of teen angst and appropriate reference points. A must for all those interested in the history of Project Adorno... 

Under the bandstand: Merton Arts Festivals
It's all here: the first live appearance, the Pet Shop Boys/Liza Minnelli connection, the perils of an English Summer when performing outdoors!

Music For Theatre

Performance Art & South Side Recordings
Project Adorno in the studio - how the Performance Art EP was pieced together in a desperate attempt to create the perfect pop single!

Lost Property Art Show  
Weird and crazy things afoot at the Camden Roundhouse! A Project Adorno multimedia installation is just one of the exhibits on display at this most happening of happenings!

Adventures in Artspace: Chunnel Vision revisited
Project Adorno's multimedia performance in space, time and relative dimensions in popular culture.

Stop the Tardis - Edinburgh Fringe
Project Adorno's Dr Who inspired show

Basement Bedsit Tour2002
Project Adorno on tour - read the diaries.

Beat Bedsit tour 2003
Project Adorno in punk rock tour shock! 

Dr Dewey Decimal in the House of Vaudeville- Edinburgh Fringe
Project Adorno pop into the library and come out with an Edinburgh show. 

Project Adorno's A-Z of the London Underground 2004 - on the search for the "soul of London"

London Eye(s)
Project Adorno go up in the world

Momus: Intellectual Stalker

Momus: Don't be so ridiculous, Nicholas

Project Adorno & the Narrating Beggars
Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the turn of the century

Project Adorno's One Minute Manifesto

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